When it was about time to start winding down for the evening, I realized I never received the package I anticipated today. So I got online to send an inquiry about it. To the side of the details of my order, I read:

Status: Delivered.

A little frustrated, since I was certain this package had not been delivered, I went to the front door to double check that it wasn't there or hadn't been left at a neighbor's door instead, since I knew I would have to be verifying those things when I contacted the company about the status of my undelivered package.

In an attitude of what I perceived to be obligatory time wasting, the package that had been resting on the door I finally opened landed at my feet. Delivered.

I don't know exactly what happened... did I not hear the knock at the door? I started trying to figure it out... I guess using a different door, my husband and I both had missed seeing this box for hours. The knock announcing its arrival must have occurred when I was out of ear shot.

Before bed, I was pondering some things I had learned from the day's events and studies when I suddenly recognized the symbolism in this little scenario.

Perhaps, often, our spiritual deliveries are missed. We might go to bed night after night feeling the prayerful petitions for hoped for gifts have fallen on deaf ears, when the truth is the gifts have already been bestowed, if only we will hear or look or act in faith and be open to receive.

The Lord knows what we stand in need of. In Gethsemane, He truly experienced the lack and the fear and the pain we are now trying to find our way through. As we strive to walk in His way and ask with faith on His name for the things we desire and need, submitting that God's will be done, we can rest assure that the status is "delivered."

From an eternal perspective, as we truly cast off all unbelief, for those who strive to make and keep sacred covenants and exercise faith in the Savior, the status really is always: delivered. It is done, it is finished!

From our timeline and our perspective, we might be struggling in the middle of very trying things. The suffering and incredible challenges are very real indeed. But they will pass and the eternal promises are set out before us, waiting for us to attune to the infinite realities of what occurred when the Light of the World promised that He would make our burdens light. The miracles, the divine assistance, the gifts of the spirit... what it is we need and what we have humbly requested in prayer, if it is the Lord's will and timing, we can rest assure their presence at our door. Most importantly, the Deliverer Himself waits at the door because He knows as you find your way to His gifts, you will find your way to Him.

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