Eternity is Now

There was a time in my life when my mind and heart were stuck on replaying and trying to fix the past, which was incredibly unhealthy not to mention impossible. Someone shared this quote in Relief Society even though they acknowledged it didn't really go with the lesson.

Eliminate all would haves, could haves, should haves, and if onlys. What has happened is past and finished. Leave it there. Profound power will come in living and making things right in the present. -Patricia T. Holland

I'm so grateful that sister followed the prompting to share this.

Through hearing this quote, the Holy Ghost invited me to let go of the past and allow the truth of these words to sink deep into my heart. That was a profound moment for me because I was able to turn my direction from facing backwards toward the past to facing forward toward a hopeful future. I've been able to push forward with much more faith and therefore much more power ever since.

Though this occurred many years ago, I still feel the implications of it today. I felt I needed to share this on here today and I pray it helps someone even half as much as it helped me!


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