Expand into Eternity

It's time for some real talk.

You are not limited by the gospel, you are limitless when you embrace truth!!

Saying that the commandments and recommendations of the prophets are restrictive is like saying parents who don't let their children tie plastic bags on their heads and do crack cocaine are restrictive.

The infinite reality is that you are loved by all-knowing Parents who want you to learn and grow and do ALL that you desire in righteousness! Yes, there are universal laws in which They desire for you to be rooted.. but then go, with the Spirit as your guide, and BECOME your beautiful, unique, authentic self!!!

Then you can do that with revelation from God, power from Heaven, and Jesus Christ as your companion and guide. Amazing!!!!

"The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever" by Nick Stephens

Truly, the gospel is expansive not repressive and we should feel empowered and ecstatic by that truth!! Don't feel empowered and ecstatic all the time? That's okay. Don't feel empowered and ecstatic EVER? Get on your knees and pray, take time for holiness, search the scriptures.. find the truth for yourself - from Heavenly Father to YOU. The truth really will set you free. As Pres. Uchtdorf has said, "The gospel is not weight, it is wings!"

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