Fearless & triumphant

It’s been quite the week for my family. As they called “code sepsis” in the ER on my daughter, I said a silent prayer as a trauma team rushed around me. Peace fell upon me as I stroked my daughter’s hand. ‘It’s going to be ok. She’s going to be ok.’ A few nights later after helping nursing staff keep my daughter’s airway clear through a long night, I got a text from my husband saying that he was going to the ER with terrible stomach pain. Before responding, I said a prayer, and that same peace distilled on me. ‘He’s going to be ok.’ I was worried it was some delayed symptom from the bad car accident he was in (oh yeah, that happened this week too).. it was just a kidney stone, and like the spirit whispered, he will be ok. Through all of this, after the peace, the next feeling that came I couldn’t put into words. But it gave me strength and perspective and a strange sense of joy. I think, perhaps, it was enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, for I know with certainty that this feeling is not a personal trait of my own. Then today I came across this magnificent quote and I realized THIS was the feeling I had felt! Digging in my heals, confident that the journey AND the outcome were in divine hands, willing to walk wherever They lead me, learning and becoming along the way.

I hope a firm testimony of Jesus Christ will light your way with this type of determination, joy, fearlessness, and confidence!!!

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