Jesus Christ heals

I want to talk about the subject probably most dear to my heart ~ Jesus Christ can heal what needs healing.

I know with my whole soul this is eternally true. I learned this most profoundly on my knees from the spirit. I was begging Heavenly Father to please heal my daughter when she was a few months old. Softly yet powerfully the answer distilled on me, “She is not the one who needs to be healed.”

And so I set out on a different quest from that moment on... What needs to be healed in me? My husband? Our parents? Anyone who knows and cares for my daughter? What is it that REALLY needs healing and HOW can it be done?

Through a still ongoing process I have come to learn by study, faith, and through personal revelation that physical sickness can be one of the greatest opportunities for spiritual healing for all people involved.

And because we know that all will be resurrected, physical healing is not always the priority. Sometimes it is, yes, to meet our life calling, to strengthen our faith, and many other reasons. And miraculous physical healing IS possible and available to us when we exercise faith and it is God’s will.

But we need to know and embrace the fact that our spiritual healing really is the priority.

And Jesus Christ is the Master Healer. ALL healing is from and because of Him.

Trust Him, follow Him, go to Him, petition Him, follow the promptings you are given.

Receive the eternal blessings made possible through this mortal journey. His wounded hands are reaching to heal what needs healing in you.

©2018 by Truth Shines.

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