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Ministering in Zion

Ever since President Nelson announced, “We have made the decision to retire home teaching and visiting teaching...” (Okay, well to be honest I expected him to quickly follow with, “just kidding,” or “April Fools!” But ever since I realized he was serious..) I have had in my mind and have been pondering in my heart an example from the Bible.

In part because my daughter has cerebral palsy, this account in Mark is SO BEAUTIFUL to me!!! I of course recommend reading the verses yourself, but for a brief recap.. FOUR people carried a man “sick of the palsy” on his bed to see Jesus. This was heavy lifting, but they did it! When they found no way in through the crowded entrance, they carried him to the roof, TOOK OFF THE ROOF, and lowered the man down to Jesus. The coordinated, unified, inspired, and TREMENDOUS EFFORTS of these four people (and I imagine there were more than four involved at home and along the way).. the whole scene brings me to tears every time I think of it. The LOVE, and THEIR profound FAITH IN ACTION in bringing their brother to Him who is mighty to save and desirous to heal that which needs healing.. THAT is ministering to me.

When Jesus saw their faith, the man was healed. Mark gospel Bible

Imagine if we all came together in coordinated efforts, with NO OBSTACLE deterring us from our goal to bring our brothers and sisters to the Savior, if it’s physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental healing they need.. To be willing to get all the help we need, to carry them if we have to, to get creative and be willing to work hard when there are setbacks.. Unity and love... that sounds a lot like Zion! Come to Zion! THIS is the invitation my heart has heard. I rise up and answer the call: “Lord, I will follow THEE.” We were shown a new ministering video (A Vision of Ministering) at stake conference tonight. It’s only about 90 seconds. Watch it and be inspired!


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