More than anything else

Tonight I was praying to know how I could help multiple people who are going through major trials. In stillness afterward, thoughts came such as, ‘all I can think to do is pray for them and that is not enough;’ ‘I tried to help them, but they wouldn’t accept my help so I guess I’ll just give up?’ Basically I was feeling like I needed to do some form of a grand gesture and that the recipients should eagerly receive every attempt I might make to help them... I was left feeling frustrated and defeated. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. The spirit simply yet profoundly tutored my soul:

Love them AS I have loved YOU.

More than anything else, the gospel message sets forth the eternal truth that our Father loves us, that He is concerned with our welfare, that He will do all He can to ensure our happiness and well-being, and that no one will be forgotten or overlooked. -Joseph Smith

It was as if new light was shining on this eternal concept... Remember the WAY I love you? Go love everyone JUST LIKE THAT.

I pondered His unrelenting patience with me, His consistence, deliverance, and tender embrace. My thoughts went to the sun. CONSISTENTLY it rises, shines bright, provides light, warmth, and nourishment. Yet how many notice it? They receive the blessings to a degree, but not in full. And yet the sun continues lovingly shining bright with no need for recognition or gratitude. It just shines without needing any response. THAT is the manner in which the Son has loved/does love/will always love ME (and YOU too)! And that is the WAY He invites us to love others.

The manner I had been trying to show love had more to do with me than those I was attempting to love. I (unknowingly) wanted my love to be big, noticed, appreciated, and received with joy so *I* could feel good. I did genuinely want to help them, but a large motivation was a desire for some sort of validation.

And then I thought of prayer. I pondered on Gethsemane. Though I don’t claim to be able to understand fully what occurred there and how Christ impacted all mankind through all of time and space, I DO know the action that initiated that grand event was PRAYER. And the motivation for that mighty prayer was LOVE. And if LOVE is the motivation for MY prayers, then I can commune in confidence knowing it is enough and will lead to miracles. Even if the only miracle is the spirit piercing my heart and helping me see what LOVE really means in the LIGHT of the SON.

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