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More than enough

My family is in what you could call "a transition." We are fine, but there is a lot of stress with major health crises, a career change, and a big move.

Tonight, I just poured my heart out, begging for all the things I "need."

So quietly the answer came:

And the message distilled upon me. "Love is enough?" I asked, still thinking of all the things I had clearly outlined as needs. But immediately my heart answered that, indeed, love is enough. It's more than enough. As I lifted my perspective and thought of my children sleeping peacefully after reading stories and my sweet husband sleeping deeply after a long day, and even my dog at the foot of our bed... And then I lifted my sights again and thought of my Savior's love. My Heavenly Parents love. I let it encircle me and I allowed my heart to tear down the walls of fear and wanting, making room for peace and joy.

ONLY the Spirit could have offered this profound wisdom and taken me from desperate needing to an awareness of abundance and overwhelming gratitude ~ in a matter of moments.


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