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Partners with God

To all female creators and those who can look with an eye of faith and see that their divine nature and destiny is to one day become a female creator - of life, joy, experiences, memories, art, or anything beautiful... to all of you, I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day!

Women are creators of heaven on earth, partners with God in His work. -LDS Church

Because I know so many who struggle with this day for various reasons, will you join me in a little pact? Honor any complicated feelings that come up, but push through them. Any sorrow, guilt, regret, resentment, or disappointment.. I know you have your reasons for your feelings and I’m not suggesting you suppress them... but don’t stay there. Move through those complicated feelings and reasons and look for the joy and gratitude and hope. I promise if you look for the light in the darkness, you will find it. And to anyone who doesn’t have complicated feelings about Mother’s Day, good! Whew! Be glad!


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