Patriarchal Blessings

I have been studying patriarchal blessings ever since my dad passed away. It is profound to read his blessing from this perspective. To see how his life truly followed the promises made so many years ago, to see his unique and treasured traits from the perspective of Heavenly Parents who clearly know and love him, and to look into eternity to consider how some promised blessings are yet to be.

Things happen in the Lord's due time, not always in ours. Things of an eternal nature have no boundaries. From the premortal existence to our existence beyond the veils of death, our life is an eternal life. -Boyd K. Packer

Take time to read your patriarchal blessing. Often! And don’t just read it. Pray about it, ponder on it, study it, believe it or at least desire to believe so the hope of your eternal possibilities can grow in you!

A patriarchal blessing is a paragraph from the book of your possibilities. -Harold B. Lee

A patriarchal blessing is a very personal treasure. -Boyd K. Packer

A patriarchal blessing can be more than a guide. It can be a shield and a prtoection. -Boyd K. Packer

It is my testimony that your patriarchal blessing truly can be a treasure, a guide, a protection, and a source of comfort not only to you, but for your posterity, if it is treated like a Liahona ~ with faith, diligence, and obedience. . If you haven’t received one yet, consider it! Talk to someone you can trust to see if it might be the right time for you to receive this gift. . I personally read my blessing each Sunday and any other time I feel like I need a little guidance or assurance. I find something new or see things with new eyes almost every time I read it.. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m grateful and amazed. I also turned many of the promises or insights into “I am” statements. I try to read those daily and especially when I’m having the seemingly constant attack on my identity. This is one counter-strategy I use against the enemy of my soul.

Face toward the sunlight of truth so that the shadow of error, disbelief, doubt, and discouragement shall be cast behind you.

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