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Pattern for ministering

Sister Eubank and Sister Aburto talked about this pattern at BYU Women’s Conference this week. I loved it and had to share!

pattern for ministering: watch and pray, listen to the spirit, go and do, turn on your light. -Sharon Eubank and Reyna L. Aburton women's conference

After one month of being invited to participate in ministering, I’ve been pondering how and why there is such a difference. I’m sure it’s not different for some people and it’s different in unique ways for others. But here’s what I’ve noticed: I now feel I have permission to serve everyone, anyone, and this empowers and enables me to be brave and bold and reach out when I wouldn’t have felt it was my place to do so just a month ago. It’s crazy to me because of course I knew we were supposed to love one another and have charity for my whole life! I think I’ve realized that I had unwittingly taken on a societal, fear-based false tradition of ‘minding my own business,’ and ‘not getting involved,’ that I have been able to identify and cast off - in just one month! Now to keep the spirit of ministering and endure to the end is another matter entirely. I’m so grateful my prayers and thoughts and inspired actions are more focused on others! I have also realized that this blesses ME as much or more than anyone else I seek to serve. Just looking outside of myself and beyond my problems is a GIFT from Heavenly Father! I’m so grateful for our wise and inspired prophet. I know that ministering is cultivating spirit-driven TRANSFORMATION and UNITY in individuals and in the church and in our communities. What a blessed opportunity to live in this time and to participate in the work of the Lord with Him by our side!!!


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