Present your offering

The Lord caused stones to shine in the darkness!

Imagine it. You've been told by the Lord to find a solution to your problem: darkness. You ponder and seek and work. And the best answer to your predicament is... rocks.

To see this is humbling. That's a good thing because it truly takes the humility of a little child to recognize the simplicity of what we have to offer to the Lord, but to understand that His love that compels Him to use His power to transform something inconsequential into something beautiful and powerful.

Like the brother of Jared, you can take the crude elements of your life that might need dusting and shaping... those particular particles of your soul that are in need of refinement. You can climb your personal mountain and in faith importune the Lord:

"This is what I have to offer. Please show your hand and touch my life with light!"

When you are ready to come to Him and present your offering, He will come to you and provide the light you need.

©2018 by Truth Shines.

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