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Shine your little light

You know when you’ve been asleep and someone flips on the lights or you turn on your phone? And it’s SO BRIGHT it almost hurts your eyes? This happens with just a little light. But in the darkness, even just a little light makes a SIGNIFICANT impact!

In this darkening world, in the places and situations and with the people who you see struggling in the darkness, just shine your little light. Follow the spirit and do what you can do. It might seem small, it might seem insignificant, you might be deceived to think it won’t make a difference so why try. When those thoughts sneak into your mind, remember your phone in the middle of the night.

REMEMBER and DO NOT FORGET, when you bring your light to a dark situation, the darkness doesn’t stand a chance.

So fill yourself with the light of the world, cultivate your inner light, your divine nature, and go do what you can. It matters! It is significant! It can impact a life, change a mind, open eyes, soften a heart. Your light matters and in the work of the Lord, YOU certainly matter! Don’t forget this and shine bright!!!


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