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Social media fast

After a social media fast, I wanted to share a few thoughts about something I definitely did not miss. I was reading in Ether where the people were divided. There were two groups and they literally would fight to the death day after day for years, “and conquered not.” I got thinking how in our day, the war we are battling is more spiritual than physical. Yet the pattern is profoundly similar.. whether it’s politics, the color of a dress, or an opinion on a current event.. we are divided, fighting to the death day after day, putting so much energy into these distractions, and not winning anything.

I just wish with my whole heart that more people would choose to see the good, find the commonalities, focus on solutions, and embrace differences. The true battle we are fighting is within. It has to do with choice, agency, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spoiler alert: LOVE triumphs. Divine, merciful love heals and TOGETHER we rise. So I think we should follow the counsel to proclaim peace. Proclaim it at the grocery store by being patient with the cashier when they make a mistake or by holding the door open for a stranger. Proclaim peace by helping your neighbor with their groceries even though they yelled at your dog last week. Proclaim peace in a million little ways, day after day, in real life as often as possible, by loving, forgiving, helping, and uplifting. That’s the Lord’s way. That is how you can actually make a difference. That’s how you can conquer your own battle and help others do the same.

Renounce war and proclaim peace. D&C 98:16
Renounce war and proclaim peace. D&C 98:16


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