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He will make you new

I’ve been pondering how to help people whose “hearts are failing them” (D&C 45:26). And it occurred to me, I can’t help them except to invite them to Christ.

OUR hearts will fail, that’s why another plan has been established since Christ’s resurrection!

Remedy to broken heart, men's hearts failing them. Offer broken heart, become new in Christ. dandc christian

Heavenly Father knew our fallen, ‘natural man’ hearts could not handle these perilous times. Not because we are inherently bad, but because these fallen hearts are not capable to handle the spiritual warfare, the overload of information, the many demands on our time and attention, and the many commotions that have become normal in this day.

This is why He has asked and even commanded us to offer up our BROKEN hearts. Christ will give in return a new heart that is whole. WE will be new.

He allows experiences that will bring us to that place where we truly WANT to surrender our broken hearts so He can heal us. Again, it’s not because we are bad. To the contrary, our true nature is divine and we are of infinite worth!! But as we sacrifice our fallen hearts and learn to partake of our true divine nature, learn to abide in Christ and allow Him to abide in us, we can have peace. At one with Him, we can abide the day. As we are healed by Him, we become “new creatures,” and our new hearts, one with Christ, CAN conquer in these perilous times.

Surrender your heart to Jesus Christ. Broken heart and contrite spirit. Atonement

This offering cannot be partial. As we offer our hearts, it is recognizing that this shattered brokenness is irretrievable. It is COMPLETE SURRENDER. It is a miracle! Only through and because of Him, because He lives, is this miracle possible, but it is possible!


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