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The guide to our walk and talk

I loved this historic conference. There were so many exciting changes made and I support them all wholeheartedly. I hope the changes don’t serve as distractions from the messages, though.

We should let the conference addresses be the guide to our walk and talk during the next six months. These are the important matters the Lord sees fit to reveal to this people in this day. -Harold B. Lee

Yes, there were 7 new temples announced to be built in awesome places! Very cool! But what did Elder Renlund say about the work we do in temples and what could that mean for YOU and your family? And what did Elder Cook teach about temple ordinances and priesthood keys? What action does that inspire you to take? We retired home teaching and visiting teaching and now it’s called ministering. Very exciting! But what did Elder Holland teach us about ministering WITH the Lord of the vineyard? What was he referencing and what does that mean? Or Sister Bingham, what did she say about ministering and the Second Coming? Over and over and over again we were taught about being united, becoming one, working with one accord. What does that remind you of? Zion, maybe? And so what does Zion mean to you? Are you there? Are you on your way? Over and over and over again we were counseled beautifully on HOW to feel and listen to the spirit and receive revelation through the Holy Ghost. Have you experimented on any of those insights? Are you implementing that in your ministering efforts? See what I mean?! And there’s SO MUCH MORE!!! I hope we can avoid missing out and dedicate a portion of each day to studying these messages and determining what ACTIONS to take!


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