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The joys of creation

Lessons found in 1 Nephi 17:7-16 have been some of the most important of my life. I invite you to read the verses and find lessons that apply to you! Here is what I found: The voice of the Lord said – Arise, get to the mountain. Nephi was living so as to hear the voice of the Lord and when he heard it, he, of course, went and did what he was told. Are we able to hear His voice? Do we respond in faith, do we go and do? He was told to construct a ship. A ship! He’d already left his home/riches, crossed the wilderness, and almost been killed by his brothers more than once, but sure now a ship. And what does he do? Ask where to find the material he will need to build the tools so he can make the ship. Is that what our prayers sound like? Or are we barking demands to have our “ship” presented to us at the door, dropped off like a UPS package? Are we seeking the material/traits we will need so we can make our own tools to accomplish what he has asked? He was given beautiful promises – their food will be made sweet, Heavenly Father will be their light in the wilderness (love that!), they will be led to the promised land, and they will know they were led by Him. Do we recognize Heavenly Father’s hand in our lives? Do we see how He makes even our trials “sweet” and work for our good? He is trying to lead us; do we allow ourselves to be led? Are we seeking repentance/improvement and therefore exaltation? Are we seekers of knowledge and testimony that will lead to eternal life more than we are seekers of temporal gains that lead to a mortal life that looks good to others? Heavenly Father invites us to begin with the end in mind, but then we still have to start from the beginning! We have to figure out what we need, we have to find the raw materials that will help us create what we will need and then we have to get to work doing all the steps to accomplish our righteous goals. He is there to guide and help us if we will ask and listen and act!


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