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The most durable scriptures needed in preparation for the last days

I only recently learned it is believed by scholars that Lehi's family would have had scriptures on parchment paper available to them. This wouldn't have included the genealogy, but they had scriptures. They needed more durable scripture, though, to withstand their journey through the wilderness and across the sea to get to the promised land. They needed the brass plates! And it was worth Nephi and his brothers taking a long journey and risking their lives to obtain this sacred record for themselves - and for us!! Today, we are asked to journey to Zion.. to purify our hearts during a particularly challenging time in history.

We also need the scriptures available to us in the most long-lasting, durable way.

We need the scriptures written on our HEARTS! This is truly possible by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Write the scriptures on your heart

You have the scriptures on your nightstand and on your mobile device, but for your journey through the last day's wilderness on your way to Zion, do what it takes like Nephi did to obtain the most durable record... write the scriptures on your heart! Do this for you - and your own posterity! How can you not simply read the scriptures, but truly write them on your heart? Please share your thoughts!


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