The Power of the Word of God

Is there ANY area of your life where you feel you are in bondage..where you need the Lord's deliverance? Perhaps you have health issues, an addiction, loneliness, anxiety, depression, insecurities... something that is keeping you from engaging fully in life or with others or just keeping you from experiencing joy?

Once I was seeking the scriptures preparing for a presentation on emotional well-being and I happened on this verse and the truthfulness of it struck me profoundly!

The Lord did deliver them out of bondage by the power of His word. -Alma 5:5

There is POWER in God's word to deliver YOU! Think about it.. He used His word to create the world...He can use His word to create a way for you to find freedom from what is holding you back. Seek that power in your life... in the scriptures, in the words of the prophets, in the voice of the Lord through the Holy Ghost as you seek personal revelation... seek the power of His word and you will find it! Ask in faith for the deliverance you desire. He will succor you.

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