Unleash the dormant spirit

My friend shared the sweetest video with me that had some amazing and insightful thoughts. I tracked down the full BYU devotional, ‘Unleashing the Dormant Spirit’ by F. Enzio Busche. I highly recommend reading it. I think it’s pretty profound and will help personalize partaking of the sacrament and prioritize striving to keep the sacramental covenant.

The 7th quote (lol yes there are ten!) talks about when it’s hard to love someone look into their eyes until you see they are a child of God. I want to challenge you to do this, ESPECIALLY if the person who is hard for you to love is yourself. Because if you can learn to recognize and love who you truly are, you can’t help but love everyone else.

Get a mirror and find your truth. The truth of who you really are is waiting to be seen, loved, and unleashed! You might see a caterpillar, but the TRUTH involves a massive chrysalis transformation and looks like a butterfly. God’s ways are not our ways. Look beyond what you see and find the truth in yourself and others!!!

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