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Walk in the light

I loved that a major theme of conference was learning to receive and act on the voice of the Lord, through the Light of Christ and whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

I find that the more I attempt to tune in to hear and feel His voice, the more awareness I have that He truly is always there, beckoning me to choose the right, instructing me on what the right way is in each moment, encouraging me to focus on eternal priorities, inviting me to think of and pray for and find ways to love and serve others.

I used to think people who talked about constant personal revelation were either more special than me or possibly making it up. But when I went through some significant trials and I NEEDED His voice and guidance, I asked HIM to teach me. And He did.

Sometimes I forget or lose focus a little bit, so I’m so grateful His mouthpiece, the prophet, has reminded me, reminded us, invited all of us, to learn to hear and act on the Voice who knows what we each need to hear in each moment.

So come, my friends, let’s learn to hear and feel the messages for us. Let’s walk in the light of the Lord.

Come ye and let us walk in the light of the Lord. 2 Nephi 12:5

Even if we are already doing this, we can recommit and strive a little more. Our lives will be better and we will know HOW to love and help others as well. It is a truly perfect and divine plan, so simple we might miss its significance if we don’t experiment on the guidance we’ve been given.


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