When your superhero cape is in the wash

Sometimes it feels like we need superhero courage, superhero strength, and superhero faith to endure our personal circumstances, not to mention the chaos of the world.

Sometimes being a superhero feels too hard and we want to give up. Maybe you feel like you don't have those superhero capacities so why try? Or maybe you are trying or you have tried and it doesn't seem to be working for you. I've definitely been there, discouraged by life and my seemingly failed efforts.

The key is this: we must ask Christ if we can borrow His cape. The world wants us to try to be strong, but the gospel teaches us the truth that we must be humble to strengthen our faith in Christ's strength.

It's only when we have the courage and faith to access *His* power that we can conquer and soar. Our own efforts are good enough if those efforts are focused and centered on Christ.

He is always the answer. He is more than enough. He is there with you now, offering you His "cape." You just have to accept the offering.

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